Why Lighting Design Consultant?

Light is technically difficult and surprising with its different and constantly evolving disciplines.

Beyond art and technical application, lighting design integrates visibility and necessity properly.
Besides the design of disciplines about light, lighting design as a part of project design team aims to provide added value via increasing project’s general success.
Lighting design gives different advantages in process of building and designing thanks to consultant’s independency:

Usage of technologic and technical knowledge,
Producing solutions which gives financial advantage.

Our Activity Areas

Lighting project solutions with help of lighting calculation programmes,

Creation of systems with the maximum environment quality in terms of human health and energy efficiency with our engineering background by paying attention to the measurable and computable aspects of enlightenment

Three dimensional visual studies for the designed environment,

Getting the closest approaches to reality with visual studies

Suitable product design for places,

Designing products for the place if necessary

Preparing product spesifications,

Preparation of product information pattens leading to the worksite

Preparation of lighting application projects,

Preparation of detailed projects on Autocad and total amounts of each product

Lighting consultancy,

To guide the technical team during design implementation, to lead the selection and procurement phase of the material.

How Do We Do?

Architectural Lighting Design

We start with the preparation of project-specific "Concept Design".
We focus on the measurable and computable aspect of lighting with engineering knowledge and we work for lighting levels that meet the standards by obtaining the real values ​​for the places with the accepted international lighting programs which considers the maximum indoor quality in terms of human health and energy efficiency.
We make the project unique with special product designs for the space if we consider it necessary in the project.
We see and show the situation after the application by making three dimensional visual studies for the places we design.
After all these stages, we prepare the application projects, create the product information pattern and specifications that will guide the worksite for the products we have selected.

Lighting Consultancy

In Lighting Design projects, we ensure that work is continued by solving unique problems at every stage of interior and exterior illumination.
We guide the technical team during the implementation of the design.
Leading in the selection and procurement phase when controlling the application that needs to be done in accordance with the product specifications.

About Us

MCC Lighting Design Consultancy; is a company that the founding partners have established in 2009 to provide Lighting Design, Project and Consultancy services for the experiences they gathered in Turkey and the leading lighting companies of the world for a long time.

Our goal as MCC is to realize lighting designs that are integrated with architectural concept and design in lighting projects, on the basis of "brand independence".

MCC provides services for interior lighting, exterior and facade lighting, landscape lighting in projects as well as contributing to the establishment of corporate identity by carrying out concept lighting design works for brands.

Our Team

Canan BABA
She is in the lighting industry since graduating from Yıldız Technical University Electrical Engineering Department in 1996. After undertaking tasks related to lighting in various companies, she joined Philips Lighting in 2002 as a project sales engineer and quit in 2009. In the same year she established MCC Lighting Design and Consultancy and continues to make brand independent design and consultancy.
After graduating from ODTU Architecture Department in 1996, she did masters degree in Lighting Design at Bilkent University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. From 1999 to 2011, she worked in Philips Lighting, as lighting designer and in different positions. Since 2005, she gives design courses at ODTÜ Architecture Department and since 2013 she also gives Lighting Design and Interior Architecture courses at Bilkent University Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department. After quitting Philips Lighting in 2011, she continues her academic studies and brand independent design and consultancy work at MCC Lighting Design and Consultancy.
After graduating from ITU Control Engineering in 2011, she undertook different duties. In 2013, as she begun working in MCC Lighting Design and Consultancy, she started to work in the lighting sector and still works as project manager in that company.
Metin BABA
After working as a draftsperson, he took courses about 3Ds Max. He is working at MCC Lighting Design and Consultancy to 3D visualize the projects and their lightings by combining his technical drawing information with 3Ds Max program.
Kripton Ajans